Almarid for Export

Our role in Al Mared Car Trading Company is centered on opening new horizons in the car trading market in the United Arab Emirates directly and in the regional and global markets, as we consider a link between the world and the best cars to leave a big name in leadership and in providing these vehicles with all specifications available in the market With the most competitive prices that have provided us over our competitors in this sector of work, we have always been the first destination for all people interested in these categories at the level of direct personal selling or at the level of wholesale. We at Al-Mared Company believe that the residents of the United Arab Emirates, citizens and residents, deserve the best in everything, and in conjunction with what the UAE government offers under the banner of the President of the State, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed, may God protect him and protect him, a high standard of living filled with safety and a happy life under the umbrella of the highest levels of luxury, We had to provide the best four-wheel drive vehicles with luxurious specifications that suit the lifestyle and serve you in all areas of your daily needs with the utmost practicality that suits the weather and terrain of this wonderful country.

Avilable Cars